Hi, it’s Jess pt. 1

Goodness, I never really thought of myself as the kind of person that would have a blog. A few of my friends are bloggers and my sister has written some awesome posts, I just never felt capable of writing anything that would be worth reading. Things change I guess. In fact, life has really started changing. How those changes are handled and maneuvered is what I plan on writing about, hopefully to encourage anyone who stumbles across this blog and remind everyone that, simply, you can.

The posts may be short, like this one, or they could be longer than necessary. Either way, thank you for checking in.

You’re stellar,



Next post: Hi, it’s Jess pt. 2 – Get To Know Jess and Life Currently

3 thoughts on “Hi, it’s Jess pt. 1

    1. I’m getting certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I explain it a little more in the post “Hi, it’s Jess pt. 2”.


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