One Full Week of Class = DONE!

Oh happy day! I started my online courses toward my CPT and FNS and it is actually going really well so far! I mean it is only a week so there hasn’t been a whole lot of stress or pressure, but I’m still hopeful that this process is going to go pretty smoothly. Getting the ball rolling on the reading and trying to figure out how to not get distracted was easily the hardest part so far. I have a feeling that the “not getting distracted” part is going to be the most difficult to figure out during this process.Β In this post I’ll briefly walk you through the beginning stages of this education process and what this first week looked like for me, so if you want to know keep on reading.

So I started this process (looking up which organization to go through for online certification programs) about two months ago. I know, that’s a long time! Let me explain what happened. I put off looking for a program when we moved to Texas, I spent too much time looking through lots of programs comparing costs, continuing education, recertification processes, and the general opinions on different programs, I procrastinated getting internet for the online classes, and made several excuses along the way as to why I shouldn’t do this, why I couldn’t to do this, how much I didn’t like school and reading, blah blah blah.. Basically I had commitment issues with this process.

Once Cole got internet, his push for me to commit, I went online and ordered the NASM programs. There was no going back now, so I waited for my CPT book to come in and tried to hit the ground running. Key word – tried. I am like Dug from the movie UP!, “Squirrel!…” My attention span is like a goldfish and I get more distracted than a kid in a toy store. So it took me a few days to figure out I needed to turn on some Autumn Jazz Radio from Pandora, sit on the couch with my phone on the other side of the room or in a different room altogether, get a fire going if it was cold enough (which it has been!), and start reading.

After I got a few pages into the nutrition book I was hooked. I think nutrition is going to be the side I enjoy a little more, but we will just have to wait and see as time goes on. I am super excited to have started learning about the 6 classes of nutrients and why each is so important for your body to function as it should. Also, how to calculate calories and get the daily percentages necessary for a stable diet. It’s just such good stuff. The CPT side of things has actually been mostly a refresher. Graduating from TSU with Kinesiology gave me a lot of info about the basics of human anatomy and physical activity. So these first couple chapters were good refreshers of knowledge I once had but haven’t had to use in a couple years.

Well there you go! This post was pretty vague on the actual information I have learned in the first week, but I plan to share more on that toward the end of my studies with individual posts for nutrition and personal training. I hope that doesn’t disappoint, if it does let me know and I can make a post a little ahead of schedule. As of now, with studying and life, I plan to post once a week on Fridays!

Again and as always, if you read all the way through this thank you! It really does mean so much to me!

You’re stellar,


Next post: Why NASM?

4 thoughts on “One Full Week of Class = DONE!

  1. I’m so excited for you as you start this new journey into studying and advanced learning! So proud, Jess. I love reading what you’re up to!


  2. Jess!!!! I love this! I want to start something like thus but I hope you don’t take it as coping. I miss your Husband and You too. Please keep posting it’s like a way to keep in touch since we have all stepped forward in our life’s.
    Keep it up πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ€™πŸ»


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