Fatigue, you know what I mean?

I would guess it’s pretty safe to say we have all experienced periods of fatigue. When you are pushing your mind and/or body to do something that can be exhausting it can lead to fatigue.


  • noun- extreme tiredness, typically resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness 
  • verb- cause (someone) to feel tired or exhausted

Well, I reached that point last week. I was mentally tired from studying in a way I haven’t needed to in over two years. Plus, I was working out harder than I have in a couple years and that caught up with me really quickly. If I’ve learned anything from this process thus far it is to take it easy on yourself and understand what your body, mentally and physically, can handle. I think reading about nutrition and learning what your body needs from food for energy has actually really helped me to manage my tiredness better. That and taking a break over Thanksgiving. 

You’re body is like a car, a really nice car that you should take care of. If you are getting regular oil changes (eating a variety of nutritious foods) and filling the tank with the best gasoline possible (consuming nutrient rich foods) than your car will most likely run how it’s supposed to. I’m not saying that eating nutrient rich foods will solve all your problems, life happens and sometimes you hit an unexpected pothole, but for the regular day-to-day things it can help a lot.

Basically what I have personally experienced and learned in the last month or so is to take some breaks every now and again and fuel your body with the good stuff. One of my favorite sayings is “everything in moderation”. I kind of live by that, not a lot is going to hurt you or set you back if it’s done in moderation, just use common sense.

I’m back at it again, working out and eating nutrient rich foods. After a short break I am re-energized and ready to keep studying and working on my fitness journey. Hopefully my next experience with fatigue won’t happen for a while! I’ll keep you posted.

You’re stellar,


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