Almost Done


It’s been a lot longer than I wanted/expected it to be for me to write another post. My bad.

Well I’m nearly done with my class. Yes, just one of the classes. I decided since it was a self-paced course I would focus primarily on the CPT. Also, that will probably be what will get me a job and the FNS will be an added bonus. That aside, my test has been scheduled for the 2nd of March and I am already getting nervous for it. I don’t know if how I feel and perform in a test taking situation is test anxiety exactly, but I get super stressed, forget all the things I’ve studied or mix up words, and (to be totally honest) get sweaty. It’s just generally not a pleasant situation.┬áThankfully, NASM has online study materials and practice exams that I will be working on over the next month until my exam. I have digressed from my original point.

The information I have learned and the practical applications NASM provides has been very helpful. I have been using it in my own daily workouts as well as with people I workout with. I now know I am more excited to start helping, training, and coaching than I thought I would be when I began this process. Hopefully in a month I’ll be a Certified Personal Trainer!

Thank you for reading this, I definitely feel encouraged by seeing others engage in these posts.

You’re Stellar,


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