The feeling of being finished with the CPT exam, well not only finishing but also passing, is surreal. I am so relieved to have it done, I am at a loss for words with all the support I have had during this process, and I almost can’t believe I passed — I keep looking at the paper that says, “examination result: PASS”. No kidding, the feeling of passing this exam is unlike any other exam I’ve taken, university exams included. Anyway, enough rambling about the post-exam feels. Here’s how I felt before my exam.

So I’ve been working on this course for just about four months. I read all the way through the text book, something I’ve never done before, worked on tons of practice quizzes, did additional study modules, and watched loads of YouTube videos to prepare myself. This past week has been my focus week, I took all the final exams NASM provided and studied any of the questions I missed just to be sure I knew the information as thoroughly as possible.

My test was scheduled for today, 3.2.18, at 11:30am. The night before I got to be early so I could have a full night of rest–that’s recommended before any big test. I woke up early to get to a coffee shop close to the testing center so I could get in my last minute study/refresher session before the test. When 10:45 rolled around my nerves kicked into overdrive, I packed up my things, walked to my car, and… found a parking ticket placed under my windshield wiper. I was parked in a 1-hour parking spot and had been there for more than an hour so I guess I earned it. It’s fine, it is only $10. Anyway, I drove to the test center, parked, and left everything in my car except the things I needed. As I walked into the building and turned down the hall I got hit with wave of nerves that makes me start sweating, feel like I’m going to throw-up, and pass-out all at the same time. When I got to the door I stood outside for a solid minute to compose myself and have a little pep-talk. Once I walked in I felt calm and ready for the test. I got checked in, placed at a computer, and started the test by 11:30.

The test was not easy, but because I had studied like my career depended on it it wasn’t unbearable. During the 120 question test I took the advice of others who had taken the exam before me, I read each question slowly and flagged the questions I didn’t know the answer to. In the end I had flagged 32 questions which was a little discouraging, but I took a couple deep breaths and focussed back in to finish the test calmly. I don’t know how I scored on the test or which questions I missed, but I passed and I’m so stoked.


Next step is getting a job and finishing my FNS.

I’ll make a follow-up post with my recommendations on what to study and how to prepare for the exam, as well as some of the resources I used to prepare.


To everyone who encouraged me and prayed for me in this time, thank you! I hope you know how much I truly appreciate all your positive thoughts.

As always you’re stellar,


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